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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most Anticipated Game 2023!


Most Anticipated Game 2023

Spiderman 2 460 35.63%
Resident Evil 4 Remake 71 5.50%
Dead Space Remake 16 1.24%
Diablo IV 20 1.55%
Hogwarts Legacy 36 2.79%
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor 9 0.70%
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom 430 33.31%
Starfield 97 7.51%
Final Fantasy XVI 112 8.68%
Others!?: 40 3.10%

For me it's the Resident Evil 4 Remake!

I had haunting memories when I was just a lad haha!

I haven't experience any Third person shooters or Survival Horror for that matter,

Took me 2 years to face my fears and after that RE4 became my absolute fave games of the decade...

And also my first completed re game since I only watched my sister play re3 nemesis way back when.

The replayability, unlockables and the gameplay was just absolutely amazing and still stands today!

Just like Skyrim it's on all available platforms literally...

What's the game that u want most this 2023?

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The game I am most looking for this year is an indi game by the name of "kitori academy"

The game looks like a cross between harvest moon/story of seasons and Hogwarts legacy and looks cute as all heck

Comes out in 2023 for switch and pc, 2024 for ps and xbox

Suikoden I and II remaster would be my #1.

As for the rest, im very much looking forward to BOTW 2, FFXVI, HChronicles.

Starfield is my most anticipated game! We haven't seen a Todd Howard game since Fallout 4, and he's been working on Starfield since 2015.

Like how Elden Ring took all the things FromSoftware did in their previous games, culminating in their magnum opus, that's what I feel Starfield will be for Bethesda. Also, Will Shen being the Lead Quest Designer for Starfield has me super excited too! Far Harbor was the best piece of Fallout 4 content we got, even including the main game, and Will being the Lead Designer for that DLC was a night and day difference. Not to mention the incredible quests he wrote in Fallout 3 and Skyrim. I didn't even know what his previous work was outside of Far Harbor, but the dude has a fantastic track record of quest design.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

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I’m so hyped for Spider-Man 2. Spider-Man is my favorite marvel character that isn't normally with the X-Men. (Yes. I know currently Dark Web is going on but you guys know what I mean.) 

Also, going to make this the poll of the week since we don't have one. Thank you for your service xD

Whenever there is a Zelda game coming out in a year, my answer will always be Zelda. I am looking forward to every game on the poll except Star Wars and Hogwarts.

Tears of the Kingdom of course. I will shed tears of joy once I finally hold that game in my hands.

Voted for Hogwarts Legacy, really curious to see what's coming. It's a game I have no idea of how will actually play, the battle system seems something 100% original

Probably Starfield

There's quite a few games i'm looking forward to but nothing that's got me obsessed