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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Fallout 76 actually good now?

Fallout 76 pull a Noman Sky? I think they should relaunch it call it Definitive version like what No man sky did with Switch and Xbox versions

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Not really. It's just that the die hards / people that like it despite all the crap are the ones that stick around. The voices of dissent have long gone, the positive ones stick around. The same thing is happening to GT7. Nothing really changed to make the game actually better, still the same 4 grind races and long waits / low chances for Legendary cars to come back around / invitations and engine swaps to be issued. But since the disappointed fans left, the tone has changed and now any poll on Reddit for example will recommend anyone to buy GT7.

Fallout 76 might be a bit better than at release, it's still the same online grind fest, not a Fallout game. Nothing like the turn around NMS did that actually added whole new game modes and even co-op base building in VR!

I think most people shouldn't use the No Man's Sky example cuz basically Fallout 76 has inherent problems that simply can't be fixed unless they were re-do or add major mechanics or gameplay features that could give another wind to sail with.

They're not comparable in the least

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