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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - The largest merger in tech history, revisited; MS + Activision

So, the news section is a terrible place to discuss this and it doesn't seem like we have an ongoing thread dedicated for the biggest acquisition in tech history. If you're not following the news, it seems the FTC is suing MS to block the acquisition. Naturally, opinions on this have been divided, and some are coming up with crazy theories to explain why this happened; when in reality, the FTC is just doing their job for once and not letting this happen without scrutiny. 

t's the largest acquisition in tech history, it doesn't need conspiracy theories to justify why some regulatory bodies are questioning it. Get a grip. 

I personally believe the buyout is anti-competitive. The fact that we got used to regulatory bodies failing us and allowing corporate consolidation to take place without scrutiny doesn't make this particular buyout acceptable even if it's approved. 

Some are refusing to see how buying the biggest publishers in the world and owning the biggest IPs in gaming (from Bethesda and Activision) is problematic. When even Microsoft themselves have basically admitted that it can be anti-competitive, they haven't said it, but they showed it with their actions, this is evident by the "concessions" they offered and continue to offer, if MS totally believed what they're doing is NOT anti-competitive, we wouldn't have seen concessions at all. 

Some tend to ignore that we didn't even think that COD would make it into PS consoles and PSN online services for 10 years and on day one of the release date until literally yesterday. This is a big concession and it's an admission that the buyout can be weaponised. Not to mention, it's only too convenient for MS to pretend this is just about COD. What about Candy crush? Diablo? WoW? The elder scrolls? and other huge IPs that will be under their built just because they can afford it. 

I am seeing prominent members on this website from the leftist political side of the spectrum cheering this on just to score console wars points, As a leftie, I am against corporate consolidation. I think we all knew it's bad until MS decided to buy studios left and right. I'd have more respect for these members if they were honest about what they're cheering for, you don't truly believe this is good for gamers, you just want to score console wars point. 

Obviously, the usual counter points since the acquisition has been announced are still being used to justify this have been the same. Sony money hatted timed exclusive, SONY is doing this and that..... yeah, and? how is the solution to objectionable practices is a bigger objectionable practice?

We need to talk about this, discuss! 

Last edited by LurkerJ - on 14 December 2022