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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which KOF 2002 arcade was best 8 versions or more keeps mouth shut from Super 2 to Unique 2 to road to fury etc kof 2002 versions

Which one was your favorite kof 2002 and no mine is not Kof 2002 UM or Magic Plus 2 or Unique 2 or SUper 2 or Classic or Original, though I ride 4 arcade ports fast and furious arcade 2004 version and fast and furious tokyo drift same game different built engine and timer and fast and furious super 2010 arcade different port I prefer 2004 original more than Super 2010 arcade of Fasr and Furious. SegaHeart were the heck do you travel to play such arcade games?

My youtube below

2005 alternative mush 2002 

Throws a bone of Virtua striker 2 about 3 arcade versions

Last edited by SegaHeart - on 12 December 2022