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Forums - General Discussion - What's Your Birth Stone and Birth Flower? Animal Zodiac sign?

Date of my birth December 22, 1987

Mine is Turqiouse as main one but also have Tanzanite , Zircon and Topaz, My Birth Flower is Narciccus.

Turquiose is love charm this is my birth stone :)

Hatsune Miku eyes are love charm Turqiouse

Tanzanite stone pretty beauty

Just look at Miku Eyes for Turquois



My Zodiac animal is Bunny Rabbit. Most female animal in existance. Japan and China is Rabbit AKA Usagi

In Vietnam is Pussy cat

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Aquamarine or Bloodstone for the birth stone using the main modern classification (Amethyst using the western Zodiac to get the Birthstone, Emerald or Cat's Eye using the day of the week I was born on). Pisces on western zodiac. Daffodil is the flower. And was born in the year of the Snake on the Chinese Zodiac, specifically the Earth Snake.

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Gladiolus & Poppy, I think

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