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Forums - Gaming Discussion - You have a chance to win a free Steam Deck watching The Game Awards on Steam EVERY MINUTE

Not a big deal at first, but they'll be giving away a free 512GB model of the Steam Deck EVERY MINUTE to a viewer. You'll have to register in the link from the tweet below.

Criteria are as follows

  • You must be a US/Canada/UK/EU resident
  • You must have made a purchase on Steam between November 14, 2021 and November 14, 2022. 
  • Your Steam account must be in good standing and not limited.
  • You'll have to watch the stream at starting at 5PM PST and don't stop until you've won or the stream ends. It's usually 3-4 hours. So that's 240 chances at most.

Good luck!!

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Cool, that's nice of them

*checks UK stream time"

Hmm, nevermind then.

Hmm, pie.

I was going to ignore this shit show. I'm willing to suffer through this shit show for a chance I guess.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

That's cool, but you don't have to let everyone know. I want a better chance! Although I've got to say that Valve is doing a pretty good job speading the word too, and I'm sure many others are too.

I have a feeling noone won it was too good to be true.

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