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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Arcade cabinet thread (Upcoming or Old)

Arcade Shmup Cave game Crimson Katana Exa Label February 2022 to say Cave employees are still alive.

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Sega's VR Agent released July 2022

Trio Tech Unveils Q.U.B.E. revolutionary multiplayer game was unvieled November 2022

I was really looking forward to Psy-Phi back when I was on Shenmue forums. That was a tough time in the mid-2000s for Shenmue/Yu fans. That and Shenmue Online canceled. One of my fave Arcade machines I only got to experience once in the early 90s was the Afterburner one that moved around. I played a lot of VF2 in my local Mall arcade and HotD2 before DC was released. I went to a theatre in 2000 and saw they had 18 Wheeler was blown away but the graphics esp details like stuff sliding on the dashboard. The dollar theatre had Area 51. Crazy Taxi. Cruis'n USA. X-Men and Outrun. Played a bunch of those waiting for my movie to start. At Bday parties at Chucky Cheese or Roller Rinks a lot of TMNT Arcade and In Time was played. Pizza Hut when it was a sit down place had Nintendo Players choice and I usually opted for Punchout. Of course a lot of MKII/3 was played with some friends when I was getting a little older. I only played SEGA's Time Traveler once and thought wow Star Trek Holodecks are here!

When I was real little at summer day camp there was a Milkshake shop right near it and we went a few times for my first time playing SFII in 1992. Fuck man I spent so much time in arcades.

Last time I was able to get to an Arcade was 2016 with the family at a Dave & Busters played some Daytona and Time Crisis 4. I hate noise to the umpth degree but an arcade? I could sleep in there. I wish I had the space and cash to own a huge room and replicate a 90s arcade but as it is, I just have a TMNT 1up Arcade.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I built this at the start of the pandemic. It uses a Raspberry Pi as its SOC.