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Forums - Gaming Discussion - SegaHeart Corner thread, What has he learned today? Teach you too maybe?

I learned how to make Gifs merge and convert it to MP4

I learned how to Make pictures and into a slideshow and convert them to MP4 with incredible thumbnails

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Learned few hours ago how to use Soundtrap, But not basic samples in video show.

I made few tunes not shown in video how to trim or stretch samples and BPM slider increase 120 + and Mistery notes samples and adding drums in meaningful way

I learned your crazy but i love you :-* :-*

I’ve learned I’m still at a total loss every time
I open one of your (multiple) threads but for whatever reason, I can’t stop.

I've been making bets in sports I was convince because I got Argentina beating Mexico 2- 0 then made an account then do Japan vs Costa Rica only for Japan to lose I only have 40$ balance I am new to it but I know another site for boxing and I'm a boxianist wager king hoping for some big money matches.

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True or False? I and group of friends used to wait for the drug dealer on the sidewalk sitting on the curb and get some good cali stuff?

I learned people just copy Japanese without knowing single anything Japanese, like I said Arigato Gozaimasu for long time until I said it in Persona 4 arena fighting game filled with weeaboo's this year they copied me and those same gamers are posting Ohayo gozaimasu in romanji basic Japanese stuff but wont post The harder Japanese words since they are too lazy to learn words I payed so much money to actually study Japanese Ithink I hate weeaboo's If I do I'm sorry? But People never knew what the heck Gozaimasu is they just copy pfft atleast pay to study even if you get an f in japanese. Sinister look Japan has 3 alphabets It cost so much.

While working on Fan Game Soul Hackers 2 (1999) I learned my boss hasn't gone mental on me making music Yes I'm kinda working on a fan game he saw potencial link to the thread created few days ago

When your plane crashes on the ocean and your close in the island, I recommend reading The Hatchet book so your entire life wont be stranded on wilderness or Island if you survived a crash?

Fetch my Radio Signal just read the book.
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Sodium aka salt leading cause of your uneducated if taken too much? Duration lifespan.