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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I somehow ended up being a producer to some cool developers working on a game.

The creative director saw potencial I guess? He made me into Music Producer we collaborated and I gotta say I'm still lacking in which samples to use anyway he showed me many different type of tunes hopefully can learn from him how to make music right way.

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Soul Hackers type style, I'm not keen on Soul Hackers as much I'm more into Persona or SHin Megami 5 style but More Persona 3. The other devs making Soul Hackers gameplay and Music type.

I'm kinda scared guys

Director made me find and mix some tunes I guess? If I did soundtrap by myself I'd be desroyed. So many tunes self creating oh my can't just do samples like that pay premium edition and get a mixing notes oh so much work but oh help Well, he's letting me know which notes to put and bgm speed from 120 to 130's and stretch etc.This is a sample :( not me creating music yet?

Is the game called VizionEck 2?

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VersusEvil said:

Is the game called VizionEck 2?

No, but I think since I'm not getting paid I will not get rushed like the other developers also the Creative director Already made tones of music

Wow his work sounds amazing and he's teaching me

He created this weird beat for the heck of it and doesn't care for it.