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Forums - Sony Discussion - God of War Ragnarok sells 5.1 million in the first week

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Wow, way to go SSM. I'm just now playing through 2018 and it's fantastic so far. Looking forward to sinking my teeth into Ragnarok afterward.

Insane first week. Congrats to devs

Well then, that is a lot of copies.

Can confirm that as of today God of War Ragnarok has sold at least 1 unit more than this.

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Question is however how much did it cost to make and market, adjusted with inflation in mind.

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Pretty sure this all but confirms (after Sony has mentioned the possibility) that we will see at least a few Sony PS4 titles in 2023.

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Congratulations to the team at SMS!

Congrats to Santa Monica, insane numbers for 5 days, this Game will sell like hot cakes for all the Holiday season, and will keep selling for a long time.

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Much bigger than I expected. Launching close to Black Friday and the holiday season might give it really strong short term legs as well, and PS5 production improving should help it sustain strong sales in 2023. This would bode well for Sony's PC strategy, and give me hope that Nintendo will follow suit and try slowly exploring PC support in a few years.

Very impressive that it managed to easily beat GoW 2018's launch despite the PS5 supply situation and the increased software pricing. It reinforces my opinion that this will be Sony's strongest generation by a wide margin.