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Forums - Sony Discussion - Syphon Filter 3 being rated is making me excited

Gotta give credit to TrunksWD here, he posted this in the front page Syphon Filer was amazing atleast the PS1 games though heard not so good things about the PSP games but another one gives me hope for a new story and bigger budget here's the front page article I copy and pasted from TrunksWD

Guess which version of Hatsune Miku this is? She has my Birth stone color turqoise in her eyes, And I'm most honest Sega Saturn lover alltime.Picture far right is Sega first Real Mascot. Represents my birth animal the helpful Bunny want you to find his name.My ruling Planet is Saturn if connect the Birth month I was born and year.

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I wonder how they'd be now. I really enjoyed Syphon Filter back on the PS1, it's been quite awhile since then though! Would they still be fun today, or would they feel pretty dated and require a healthy dose of nostalgia to be enjoyable?

I'll def check out Premium once the entire collection is up. No idea when Sony will start PS2 games on their new emulator, but hopefully Sony starts adding more of their own content into classics,