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Forums - Gaming Discussion - It'll Be wise for Sega to make Physical Ports of certain First Party games in Sega Ages lineup

The games that will make Sega alot of money I omit wont bring up certain games since they don't have that type of hype it's based on Sales IE correlates to IP failure look no further than Darkstalkers on modern consoles with so much hype but ended up a deflated balloon on sales. So the ports that need a remaster or port depending on hype throughout the years some hype is worth the merit for sales resurgance some not so much IE persona 4 arena ultimax and Killer Instinct 1 and 2 arcade on Xbox series.

Games that'll make bank because the hype is well above Darkstalkers list

1.Panzer Dragoon Saga (Physical with collectors edition)

2.Skies of Arcadia. (Physical with Collectors edition)

3. Jet Set Radio (Physcial With Collectors Edition) Omit Future because Sega has to pay royalities for licensed music messy

4. Persona 3 Atlus (PS2) (Physical collectors edition)

will add more but I'm lazy.

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I think Sega and Nintendo should go all out and re-release NES, SNES and Genesis properly. Everything down to the exact spec, aside from maybe adding some extra hookups for modern TVs. Then produce actual carts inside their actual, full-sized boxes exactly as they were released back in the day and have them available to buy in stores and online. They could charge whatever, and people would inhale them greedily.

That would be great. I also want them to release a bunch of their arcade games on consoles. Esp ones that have never been ported like Scud Race,Planet Harriers, Magical Truck adventure and more.

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I would buy Skies of Arcadia.

rapsuperstar31 said:

I would buy Skies of Arcadia.

 :( RIP Phoenix Rie.

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