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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What upcoming Silent Hill title are you most excited for?


I want to see more of...

Silent Hill 2 Remake 8 88.89%
Silent Hill Ascension 0 0%
Silent Hill Townfall 0 0%
Silent Hill f 1 11.11%

Here are the trailers:

Silent Hill 2 Remake. Coming for PS5 and PC.

Silent Hill Ascension, an interactive drama.

Silent Hill: Townfall. Made by Annapurna Interactive.

And Silent Hill f, a new chapter made by Ryukishi07.

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Silent Hill F. I love it when visual novel authors get to write for larger games.

The SH2 Remake. James voice felt a bit off and to be honest I'm a little worried it will be too much of a 1 to 1 remake, but there's a ton of potential there if it expands upon the original.

F looks promising, but based on that trailer it kinda looks like it might as well have been an original IP instead of a Silent Hill game.

The Townfall trailer was cool, but I think this type of game gets outshined a bit when it gets announced next to these other ones. Could turn out great though.

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SH2 Remake. I mean its the only one where I can at least have some idea of what Im getting. Dont know anything about the other ones so far.

Silent hill 2 ofcourse, one of if not the best horror game ever made.


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Silent Hill f is definitely the one I want to see more of. Platforms? budget? genre? I love the setting/vibes and couldn't ask for a more interesting writer than Ryukishi07. The developer on the other hand doesn't instill me with confidence.

Silent Hill 2 looks ridiculously good visually but I've already played through the original masterpiece on PS2, and I'm not sure Bloober Team will deliver. Not a fan of the switch to stiff over the shoulder perspective but I'm cautiously looking forward to it.

I don't care about the rest!

On topic, probably the Silent Hill remake.

Over all, definitely the movie "Return to Silent Hill". The first movie is my favorite video game film, and my favorite part of the IP. The 2nd movie was terrible. The first film is a bit of a cult classic horror film.