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Forums - Sales Discussion - Metroid Dread surges on charts

I don't know if anyone has noticed but in Canada on the eShop Metroid Dread is in the top 15 for beat sellers and on Amazon number 5 beating Pokemon Scarlett and Violet.

Metroid Dread definitely is the best selling game in the series now.

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Such an awesome game. Deserves every unit sold.

My game of the year last year! Only my second 2D Metroid as well, and I absolutely love it.
Haven't played a 2D game that felt better to control. Kinda like what Super Mario Odyssey felt like for 3D.


It was already the best selling game in the series, but hopefully has crossed the 3 million mark. I’m still hoping over time it gets closer to 3.5 million. These periodic price reductions could definitely help.

I still need to play this. From what I hear, it deserves all the success it receives.

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hmm discount?

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Deserves all of it's sales, and then some.

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You love to see it, but I wonder why.

I'll like to think it's because it's one year old now. Because then I can hope for a surge in sales for the other masterpiece of October 2021 (not happening).

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I'm guessing the 30% discount and the 1 year anniversary factor are helping sales.

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Ninten78 said:

Metroid Dread definitely is the best selling game in the series now.

It was already the best selling in the series in March at 2.9mil copies. That's nothing new. Is there a discount? Amazon is hiding the price since I'm in a different region.

It selling so well in Canada right now is great and all, but Canada is not exactly the strongest market. It should be over 3mil now though.