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Forums - Movies & TV - Keanu Reeves to Return for Constantine 2

"Here is a resurrection of a DC character worth getting excited over. Warner Bros will develop another installment of the 2005 supernatural thriller Constantine, and the studio is re-teaming star Keanu Reeves and director Francis Lawrence, who made his helming debut on the original."

I know it wasn't particularly faithful to the comics but I quite enjoyed the first film and have rewatched it several times over the years. Hopefully this return to an old Keanu role turns out better than some of his others of late.

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Oh fook yes! Loved Constantine. You made my day, thanks!

They should bring Matt Ryan back to the role. He perfected it. The movie stunk

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Loved that movie. Back then I dint even know it was a DC character. And now knowing who the character is and that he's some mage and stuff, I much more enjoy the movie adaptation.

Have a second comics version that can be in a justice league 2. Let Keanu continue this version.

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