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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Games that pulled a sopranos ending ? Games that were great until end it tanked.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

I remember the back of the PSone case said like 60 or 90 hours of gameplay. Incredible story, good lead up to the fight with Kain. When I got there, I had been playing 15, maybe 20 hours tops, so I was expecting this to be like a mini boss battle with Kain and then the game continues. Fight ends, To Be Continued on the screen, game over ?

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Mass Effect 3?

KLXVER said:

Mass Effect 3?

That was my first thought.

I would say Mass Effect 3 but I also don’t like the final boss fight of Batman Arkham Asylum. The rest of the game is perfect! Then you’re about to fight a Titan juiced Joker and it seems like it’s about to be an EPIC fight! Then he just takes a few swings at you and has you fight some of his goons that you’ve done the entire game……rinse and repeat a few times. Such a disappointment ending to a fantastic game.

last of us 2.

I thought the whole Ellie going after Abbie, then helping, then going after her again, to then let Abby go at the end was just silly.  I get what they were trying to do, which was demonstrate Ellie's internal battle, but it came off as super cheesy.  I think it felt cheesy because this back and forth (at the end) happened in a very short period of time.  
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Chrkeller said:

last of us 2. Just went on too long. I don't know how to do spoilers, so I will attempt to be brief. But game should have ended at the farm. The last few areas were just totally unnecessary and I didn't like it.

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Oh very nice guys, thanks for the tips, much appreciated.  I updated my original post with spoilers.