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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 10 minutes of STAR OCEAN: The Divine Force gameplay!

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Loving that battle theme. Visuals look great but I am starting to think tri-Ace's signature 3D model/animation style is showing it's age. Very tri-Ace, but strangely distracting and I'm not sure why atm.

The graphical improvements and environment is great over the last one. Combat is looking good but a few too many pauses to explain things, like the character did a surprise attack then a popup came up presumably telling them what a surprise attack was.

Can't help by agree with you on the character models, I'd say the people at Tri-Ace now are different to they used to be, so it might have come with a different art directors, prehaps not. This seems to be very telling but the main thing that put me off even finishing the last 2 was story direction and in the case of Last Hope, the voice acting and sound mixing. My god it was terrible.

Hmm, pie.

Looks fun but the character models and the design itself aren't good. Some animations look very stiff. Needs a bit more polish.

There is obviously a visual improvement from Integrity and Faithlessness, but the character models throw me off, every character looks like a mannequin and moves like a robot.