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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Final Fantasy Theatralalala: Final Bar Line

I wanted to bring some attention to this sequel to the 3DS classic Final Fantasy Theatritanium. This game is excellent, relaxing, and a nice trip down memory lane for those who are long time fans of the Final Fantasy series.

Theatrichinosis was one of those gems on 3DS, much in the way Elite Beat Agents, Phoenix Wright, and Another Code: Two Memories, and Hotel Dusk were on the DS.

Anyone else looking forward to Theatrtantric?

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I remember playing the first one on the 3DS. It was ok. Might check this one out.

I'm not really interested in music games but as a FF fan and generally a big Square fan from back in the 90s, I gotta say if I was into music games I'd be very excited for this. It looks cool!

Had a blast with this on the 3DS. I'm not sure if it will control as well on the Switch due to the size and lack of built in stylus but we'll see.

I really enjoyed Curtain Call, so I'm hopeful about this one. I'd be a bit more comfortable if they didn't already announce 100 or so songs as paid DLC though.

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These were my favorite games on the 3DS. I am looking forward to this one when it releases. I really love FF music.

I logged out more than 200 hours with the 3DS games, you can be sure I'll want to get my hands on it ... Someday. Sadly, the timing of their releases coincide with Octopath Traveler II and Kirby RTD Deluxe.

Also, those DLC got me a bit colder at the idea lol

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