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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Thoughts on the 9/13/22 Nintendo Direct?


How would you rate the Nintendo Direct on 9/13/22?

10 5 10.87%
9 5 10.87%
8 6 13.04%
7 14 30.43%
6 8 17.39%
5 3 6.52%
4 3 6.52%
3 1 2.17%
2 1 2.17%
1 0 0%

Tons of games coming!

Lots of RPGs and farming simulator RPGs haha. I think there were four farming games, people into that genre will have plenty to choose from.

Octopath Traveler 2 looks awesome. New Fire Emblem in January.

Pikmin 4! Finally!

Cool to have the new Zelda name and release date. Short trailer but it looks very cool.

GoldenEye announced for Switch Online!!! The biggest game that could possibly be added to the service! Once GoldenEye is out (with online play!) no one can possibly say the NSO Expansion Pack is anything but a great deal!

Overall tons of games and plenty of great looking games coming over the next half year or so.

Two huge disappointments though.

1. No mention of Metroid Prime remake (was really thinking it would be a holiday title)

2. No mention of Zelda WW/TP. Was also hoping we'd get this double pack for the holidays. Makes me wonder if all the rumors about these games coming to Switch have been wrong, since the rumor from like a year ago or something was that they had these games ready if BotW2 got delayed into 2023.

Really starting to wonder if we'll ever get WW/TP and when the heck the Prime remake is going to come out, let alone Prime 2 and 3 remasters, if those are happening, and Prime 4. I assume they'd release the first three Primes before 4 comes out, unless they are skipping 2 and 3. So far all these games are just heavily rumored for a long time with no announcements.

I give it an 7.5/10. What was there was awesome (so many games and lots of good stuff), but the lack of any Metroid announcements and WW/TP announcements, which I thought would be the two big things, bring it down a bit compared to my expectations. Would have been a 10/10 for me if Prime remake and WW/TP had been announced for holidays or early 2023, but still left wondering if these even exist.

How'd you feel about the Direct? What got you most excited? What are you disappointed about?

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I hated it. Thank god the Switch is awesome and has great support, so I dont get too bothered by a bad Direct anymore. Still Pikmin 4 and Octopath Traveler 2 were nice, but underwhelmingly announced. Cool to have the name of the next Zelda game.

It was just boring, so that took away from the very few titles Im interested in. 2/10.

Very good, 9/10. Very pleased with many of the announcements. Rain Code looks very good and since it's from the guys who made Danganronpa, which I'm a massive fan of, I can't wait.
Plenty of other great looking stuff. Only a few games that I outright don't want.

Very excited for Fire Emblem and TotK

However, I do wish Engage looked a little more dark and gritty. This one seems a little too light, and Fire Emblem is one of Nintendo’s few franchises that I think does better when it goes more dark. Three Houses did this pretty well with the timeskip. This is of course just the first glimpse, but either way I’m still excited.

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While there really wasn't much that interested me it was still a solid enough Direct with a lot of games. I'd give it a 7.5/10. I was hoping to see more of Breath of the Wild 2...errrrr Tears of the Kingdom.

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Lots of little JRPGs and farming games. I had hoped for the MP1 announcement but oh well, at least we have Zelda.






@Slownenberg I hope you don't mind, but I added a poll, so people can rate the Nintendo Direct.

VGChartz Sales Analyst and Writer - William D'Angelo - I stream on Twitch and have my own YouTubeFollow me on Twitter @TrunksWD.

Writer of the Sales Comparison | Weekly Hardware Breakdown Top 10 | Weekly Sales Analysis | Marketshare Features, as well as daily news on the Video Game Industry.

Ngl this was pretty average to me and I rate directs very highly. This one felt like a typical boring showcase u would see from other companies, not the amazing typical direct.
BUT Pikmin 4 was nice, Bayonetta 3 was nice, Zelda Totk was nice. Hope they showed a little bit more gameplay tho. Too many third party, too many farms. Where is Gameboy, where is Gamecube stuff, rumors lied once again ;(

It had a little too many farm life sims for me, tbh. However, the announcements of Fire Emblem, Octopath 2, Pikmin 4, and the release date for Tears of the Kingdom REALLY boosted the overall direct for me. Add that to Tales of Symphonia remastered, Goldeneye (and other N64 games), and Kirby return to Dreamland...and I'll give it a 7. Good, not great, but some surprises kept me excited.

That miyamoto tease was not fun for a second though lol

It was good, not great.

New Fire Emblem is always a good thing. This one's gimmick didn't exactly grab me, but we'll see.

Really excited to see Octopath Traveller 2. While I really enjoyed Triangle Strategy, I assumed it meant we wouldn't get another Octopath game, or at least not for a while. Also excited for Theatrhythm since it was a really fun little game.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land remake was unexpected, but ok, I'm here for it. It's a good game, and having an excuse to play it again isn't bad. But, I actually preferred the visual style on the Wii.

Happy for those people who have been waiting for Pikmin 4, but it doesn't do anything for me.

All three Mario Party games on NSO is cool, but feels like they should have added a new system at this point. If Goldeneye has an actual multiplayer mode as opposed to find four people and exchange friend codes and work through NSO's clumsy interface, that would be cool.

TOS is one of my favorite games. I'll see if they've added enough to make another purchase justified.

So, a lot of good stuff that I'm looking forward to. It was kind of lacking that big moment though. Tears of the Kingdom didn't show much more than we've seen. Didn't really have a big first party reveal.

So, pretty good, but not the blowout I think I was hoping for considering how long its been between directs.