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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (BOTW2) releases 12th of May 2023

We finally have a name, and a date.

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Cool to finally have a name and date. I thought they'd get it in the last week or two of March to boost fiscal year numbers.

Suddenly May 12th becomes the most exciting day of 2023 for millions of people!

"Tears of the Kingdom".. Good name.

Ridiculously short trailer again though, they really know how to troll me. 12 May is a bit longer than I'd hoped (hoped March), but okay whatever we have a date.

Launching on my birthday!

I expect 10M global launch weekend (Fri-Sat/Sun) sell-through.

NA 4.0M
EU 3.0M
JP 1.5M

Cool name tho.

May 2023 is sooner than I expected, imma pray to the gods it doesnt get pushed back. 

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Looks amazing. I mean the 5 seconds we saw of it. Still the game Im looking forward to the most though. Great title.

Damn, it's 9 days off for my birthday.

Wow, it'll have been over 6 years since the release of Breath of the Wild before its sequel finally comes out! Nintendo must have something very special in store!!!

Lezz go! Lezz go! Lezzzzzzz z Gggggoooooooo!!!

I guess 1:03 to 1:08 confirms that they'll reuse the overworld from Breath of the Wild, so I wonder why this game took ages to develop. I can only hope for vast areas in the sky and potentially an underworld.

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