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Forums - Sales Discussion - Splatoon 3 sold 3.45m during its first 3 days in Japan alone. Global lifetime sales expectations?


Splatoon 3 sold 3.45m during its first 3 days in Japan alone. Global lifetime sales expectations?

Less than 8 million 38 6.06%
8.0 - 9.4 million 27 4.31%
9.5 - 10.9 million 39 6.22%
11.0 - 12.4 million 41 6.54%
12.5 - 13.9 million 52 8.29%
14.0 - 15.4 million 95 15.15%
15.5 - 16.9 million 91 14.51%
17.0 - 18.4 million 56 8.93%
18.5 - 20.0 million 45 7.18%
More than 20 million 143 22.81%

Nintendo could be bothered to post early sales results for Splatoon 3, probably because 3.45m is a new week 1 record in the Japanese video game market. The latest inkling game is once again very successful in Japan, but it's known that this popularity doesn't quite translate to the global scale, unlike other big Nintendo IPs.

What are your lifetime sales expectations for Splatoon 3? Globally, naturally.


Bonus question: If you are already playing Splatoon 3, is it good enough to be an actual sequel or is it merely a quick money grab that should have been DLC for Splatoon 2? Same old tired question, but bait generates replies. So have at it, and remember, don't shoot the messenger. Uh oh. Whoop-dee-doo. <O_o>

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17mil is possible I think. 15mil minimum.

Damn 3.45mil is crazy insane. Splatoon 3 might dominate Japan for a long while and maybe become the best selling switch game over there.

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Dangit I thought the poll was Japan lifetime sales, so I put less than 8 million haha.
Globally I think it'll pass Splatoon 2, which itself should eventually creep past 15m. So I'll say 15.5 - 16.9m.

Obviously, Splatoon 3 is going to see significant growth in Japan. The real question at this point is how much, if any, of that will translate to worldwide growth. I personally think Splatoon 3 is going to grow somewhat worldwide too. I voted 18.5-20m for sales.

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Meh still think it’ll be about the same as the previous game. Perhaps a wee bit more. Splatoon hasn’t really proven itself to be an evergreen on the level of the top Switch games so I’m assuming this one as well to be mildly frontloaded.

Bonus: I’ve never played any Splatoon.

Thinking it's a bit front-loaded, maybe around 16 million lifetime.

Bonus: I think it's successfully made Splatoon 2 look like the stop-gap game, this one feels more like a proper sequel. Though all of them have been iterative, Splatoon 3 feels like the sequel we would've gotten to the first game had it not been rushed out the gate for the Switch's launch.

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I'm going with 17-18 as its still a bit early, want to see its legs but wouldnt put 20+ our of the question.

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Strange they haven't updated or shared the sales numbers for other regions (I think... maybe they don't normally update until it hits 10 million?). I wonder how it did in the U.S. and Europe. I know one person IRL who bought it besides me and know around 10 people with a switch.

Anyway, I voted for 14-15.4 million because I expect the legs to be cut short by a new system announcement next year, to be released in 2024.

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so I am going to go with a very optimistic 22 million this time.