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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope: New gameplay and Rayman DLC announced

From the Ubisoft Forward show:

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope releases on the 20th of October.

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I don't want more Rabbids. I want a new Rayman game.

At least Rayman is getting some attention.

Looks like they built a lot of stuff onto Mario and Rabbids. My favorite thing in this video is a minor point, but pretty sure she said that they would choose to keep Mario on the team. In the original game, Mario was always part of your party, which really limited the strategies you could use. So, I'm happy that he's not mandatory. Also happy Rayman will get some love. Seemed weird he wasn't part of the first one. Would have rather him been in the main game, but I'll take it.

The Rayman-stick has been agitated once again, can't wait for the endless speculations of a never happening new game for the franchise lol

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Now I know that I won't buy the game at launch. Thanks, Rayman.

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Mario Rabbids is one of the best games this generation. Highly over looked by many. The sequel is day 1 for me.

Im buying this day one !!

It’s about time for a new 3D Rayman game. Has it really been since the PS2 that we’ve had one?

You know it's bad when the protagonist of the series has to appear as a guest star in its own spinoff...

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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