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Forums - General Discussion - People mid 30's to 40's did you hit mid life crisis?

It doesn’t really sound like you hit it yet. Give it 2-3 more years. Everything you thought matters changes and you rethink how to succeed in the last half of your life

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Are you 50 and driving a sports car convertible?

I did not. But there was a time around thirty where I DID take a step back and wonder how the hell I was suppose to dress. The college-aged stuff seemed too immature. And the button-down shirts and loafers seemed too conservative. So I went through this weird phase of not knowing how to present myself lol. Thankfully, it passed. Now, I just wear whatever the hell I want... which is usually just jeans and a t-shirt haha.

I had a quarter life crisis at 22. Probably the biggest existential lull I’ve experienced in my life. I learned a lot of survival tools then, mainly to not worry about what others think and to live my life by my own set of goals and ambitions. Once you stop worrying about what others think and expect you will find that you’re able to line up your personal priorities better.

Of course, this is all just for me and what I went through. Everyone’s crises are individual to them and there can definitely be more than one. I’d assume some folks actually can have 5 or 10 based on their emotional makeup, while others will never feel anything resembling “crisis.”

Sounds like depression tbh.

Are you doing any of the following?

Brand new convertible to drive?
Dating an 18 year old?
Looking at female cousins/nieces naked?
Wondering if you should change careers?
Taking excessive amounts of alcohol or drugs when you normally wouldn't?



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As a soon to be 38-year old: This is recuring topic within my friends. No one knows what they are doing or where they wanna go. Seems like a generational thing.

I'd still recommend you to speak to a professional. I might help you findig out where your actual problems lie.

Nope, I expect to life until 120 so I`m still far from the middle.

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