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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best console that didn't win it's generation


I think the best is...

N64 20 14.49%
Gamecube 36 26.09%
Wii U 7 5.07%
Xbox 3 2.17%
Xbox 360 26 18.84%
Xbox One 0 0%
PS3 27 19.57%
Megadrive/Genesis 5 3.62%
Dreamcast 11 7.97%
Other 3 2.17%

Of the consoles that weren't the highest selling of their generation, which do you think is the best, and explain what makes them worthy of the title?

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023. (And over 130 million lifetime)

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For me its easily the PS3, simply due to amazing game catalog.
I also have a soft spot for the N64. Again, due to amazing game catalog.

Torn between Saturn and Dreamcast. Dreamcast I do have bias towards and while I do think it had a better library than Gamecube. Tougher to say on Xbox even tho Xbox was short on Shmups.

Saturn is an easy answer tho. N64 had a much smaller library and was not that varied in selection. Mostly the same kinds of games. Saturn was more similar to PS1. Had a load of great RPGs. Fighting games. Mech games. Shmups. Action games. Platformers. Plus Treasure's Guardian Heroes and Hudsons Bulk Slash. Some great Run n Guns.

SEGA Saturn final answer.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Definitely the Gamecube for me. Except for a little Halo, Splinter Cell and God of War on the side, I was perfectly happy with just my Gamecube during the 6th generation. The WiiU got what it deserved as far as sales but it's a shame that the 'Cube didn't sell better - probably because Mario was a bust on the console (both Sunshine and Kart).

I'm a little obsessed with Dreamcast cause it had some enhanced games like Soul Reaver and ported from arcade cabinets territory and PC territory as well.

Funny thing is the Dreamcast is still getting games unofficially in modern days, they're mostly indies and fan-made games though but interesting.

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Definitely the Wii U. People meme on that console, but I think it was one of the best console to this date.

The original Xbox had so many classics that I loved. Whether it was the Halo LAN parties, Morrowind, Jet Set Radio Future, Project Gotham Racing, Star Wars KOTOR, Amped, and The Chronicles of Riddick, the console had a bunch of fantastic games.

I feel like this is going down generational lines, because those of us who were young adults during the Gamecube era remember a different reality to the one that those who were really young at the time remember. It's one of those consoles who's history has been a tad revised from what actually happened. It was a good console, and those of us who owned one (me) and enjoyed it (me) certainly spent many hours back in the day defending it against the onslaught of PS2 and Xbox fans. But make no mistake: it WAS a fairly big disappointment. Aside from Metroid Prime, which was a brand new franchise (well, not really, but you know what I mean) and Melee, for the first time in Nintendo's gaming history, most of its big guns didn't blow people away. Luigi's Manson was ignored, Sunshine was underwhelming compared to Mario 64, Wind Waker wasn't the revolution that OOT and MM was, Mario Kart DD was thought of as just okay and a downgrade from MK64, Paper Mario went almost unnoticed, Pikmin was snickered at for being kiddy... it seemed to most that Nintendo had slipped. They were untouchable before, almost Godlike, and then suddenly, with Gamecube, they were passe, an afterthought, something that was and will never be again. Of course, we all know what happened next with Wii, but yeah... that's how it really was. So to see so much love now and this revisionism is more than a little bit of a head-scratcher lol. The only thing more perplexing is Dreamcast. No one was a bigger Dreamcast fan than me but man... it was considered a joke back in the day as soon as PS2 launched. You literally could walk into any store and find stacks of them for $49.99.

The GameCube.

Wind Waker and Twilight Princess were what I had wanted the N64 games to be. Metroid Prime and Resident Evil. RPGs like Skies of Arcadia Legends, Tales of Symphonia, Fire Emblem. The GC was especially amazing coming off of the disappointment and unfulfilled promise of the N64.

This is more difficult than I thought. I think Xbox 360 and PS3 had the richest libraries for sure, but both did things that soured my experience. It's the generation where gaming regressed to me from an obsession to a side hobby.

MegaDrive was my first ever console and I loved it. But between the MSX (my first gaming system) and PS1... it's easily the system that I think about the least. PS1 was in a sense a better successor to the MSX (which was like the home computer equivalent of NES) so perhaps in addition to being blown away by its 3Dness and great games, it felt like a return to home! Metal Gear, Gradius, Konami vibes, Zanac, etc. Still... a great console.

GameCube and PSP are the oldest systems I still own. I sold, gave away, or threw away (PS360 lol) all my systems... but for some strange reason I just can't let go of these two even though I didn't game on them all that much. I wonder why.

I have no attachment to Dreamcast at all, can't relate to the hype. Owned and played a lot of games on it but the emotion that stuck with me is from the fucking hardware failure where it randomly resets. GOD I HATED THAT LOGO!! I sold it and my PS1 for the mighty PS2 and never looked back.

OG Xbox was cool. High tech, a decent number of great games, that's about it. Didn't own a N64, but the little I experienced was amazing. Never played a single Saturn game, never saw the console in person either.

Therefore... I'll refrain from voting!

Edit: Wii U = Saturn 2.0

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