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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 32/64-bit Generation Wars!! Tech Specs and Graphics: Saturn Vs Playstation Vs Nintendo 64 Vs Gameboy Advance


Which one had the most impressive graphics (2D, 3D or both) for the 32/64-bit generation era?

Sega Saturn 2 6.67%
Sony Playstation 5 16.67%
Nintendo 64 22 73.33%
Nintendo Gameboy Advance 1 3.33%

This is the final part of this little research about hardware and graphics capabilities of old generation consoles, we will cover the 32-bit and 64-bit generation consoles specs comparison, evaluating Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation and Nintendo 64 hardware-wise. As an extra bonus, I'm also adding the Gameboy Advance to the list, having a 32-bit cpu! Maybe it's a bit unfair, but it's the last full 2D console produced, so at least we could compare its 2D graphics capabilities to the others.

I could also have added the Atari Jaguar, 3DO and Amiga CD32 but I'm running out of time lately. Anyway, if someone else want to keep doing this for the next generations of consoles, I will be happy to follow the discussion in the forum ;)

But first, if you missed the other parts, you can check generation comparisons here:
- Part 1: 8-bit Generation
- Part 2: 16-bit Generation

As for the other topics I tried to search for every information I could find on the web, trying to be as accurate as possible but, again, feel free to post corrections and report errors if needed.

Let's start!

Hardware Comparison: Saturn Vs PSX Vs N64 Vs Gameboy Advance

Saturn PSX N64 Gameboy Advance