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Forums - Gaming Discussion - If you could bring one game with you?.

Lets say the world is ending and you can only bring one game. What game would that be?.

For me its a hard choice between Final Fantasy 7 original on PS1 or Link to the past on Snes. But i guess id have to go with FF7 since its the game that made me like RPG's in the first place including a link to the past.

So what about you guys/girls what would you pick?.

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Breath of the Wild.

SanAndreasX said:

Breath of the Wild.

I second that.

But I did consider choosing Astral Chain.

SM1/Duck Hunt cart. First Nintendo game I ever played and owned. Never gets old.

You didn't mention any restrictions, so I assume multi-player PC RTS game is fine and would always be able to do team battles or other variations with others. I would go with Startcraft II because I am not very good at FPS games and multiplayer generally beats single player for replay value. There are other decent RTS games, but some reason I always go back to SC2.

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I put the entire Saturn/Dreamcast library on an SD card. HA!

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Grand Theft Auto V. The pure scale of it mixed with sandbox elements (and gameplay) would keep me entertained for a while. Even if I complete it several times, I could just play it and mess around in the game for fun. There so many mods for it too like an offline co-op mode.

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Advance wars dual strike. I can play the different modes forever trying to improve my score. One of the few games I get constant wishes to replay.

Super Metroid.

animal crossing new leaf ngl