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Forums - Movies & TV - Winnie the Pooh : blood and Honey horror movie trailer

Yuck, even with public domain laws, the original owners should be able to turn down shit like this.

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Yikes. That's bad, and not in a bad-but-funny way.

I think the premise had some promise in terms of making a genuinely creative horror film with children's characters, but it seems like the people who made this just went with the most basic possible teen slasher film. It's literally about a group of students who arrive at a rural cabin and then start getting killed off. You really couldn't come up with something a bit more original?

Good to see that the B-movie is still alive. Well.... maybe C-movie.

Also the trailer but shortened to 1 second.

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This thing looks cheap AF. It literally looks like a guy in a mask offing people with an axe, it doesn't look like a believable Pooh and Piglet at all. It also looks like generic, juvenile crap, but curiosity just might lure me in at some point like it did Human Centipede, not gonna lie.

Oh and according to John Campea, this thing was shot in 10 days. Ah, the good ol' rush job, always a good sign for any horror movie, because it worked so well for Black Christmas 2019, right, right?

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I'd 100% watch. Of course it's going to be bad, that's the funny bit. You'll never enjoy a movie if you take it too seriously. 

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Well I was stuck with work so didn't get a chance to comment on this trailer.

Literally WTF lol.

Agree it had some potential to be good, but this is just cheap filming, cheap story, cheap design.



Welp, the movie's now out and everybody says it's a trainwreck, big shocker. Not even "so bad it's good", I heard it's just plain bad, really bad.

Not gonna lie, though, I've been looking for a site to watch it online out of morbid curiosity (no way would I pay to watch this festering pile of garbage), but I can't find one that doesn't require you to register an account with a paid trial membership. I guess I'll just have to wait until it inevitably hits streaming.