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Forums - Movies & TV - Steve Blackman Developing ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ TV Adaptation

As The Umbrella Academy is headed for its fourth and final season, the series’ executive producer/showrunner Steve Blackman has re-upped his big, eight-figure overall deal with the streamer.

Under the multi-year pact, Blackman will write and produce new series and other projects for Netflix under his newly launched Irish Cowboy production banner. He is currently developing two sci-fi series: Horizon Zero Dawn, based on the PlayStation action-adventure game, and ISS drama Orbital.

Netflix had been looking to put together a TV series based on Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Down, set in a post-apocalyptic United States inhabited by robotic creatures and following clever outcast hunter Aloy, for the past few months.

Steve Blackman Developing ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Series In Netflix Deal – Deadline

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