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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo IPs You’d Still Like to See on Switch (Poll Added)


Which unused IP would you like to see on Switch

F-Zero 20 25.00%
Star Fox 8 10.00%
Mario RPG 6 7.50%
Mario and Luigi 7 8.75%
Diddy Kong Racing 6 7.50%
Pikmin 7 8.75%
Wave Race 7 8.75%
Golden Sun 12 15.00%
Chibi Robo 4 5.00%
Excite Truck/Bots/Bike 3 3.75%

Nintendo has done a great job of getting titles out for almost all their IPs this generation, but there’s still quite a few left. With likely just a few years left for the Switch, which IP that hasn’t seen an iteration on Switch would you like to see. And would you rather Nintendo just bring the game to the Switch successor instead?  Obviously considering that games take 3-5 years to make, these choices have already been made internally, but it’s still fun to wish.

if we get enough suggestions I’ll make a poll of the top choices. Feel free to name more than one, of course. 

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 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23

…and Waverace!

Pilotwings that is akin to Pilotwings 64. I don't want another Mii game. We have not had a proper sequel since 1996.

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A few games I’d like to see:

Super Mario RPG 2
Mother 3 / Earthbound 2
Elite Beat Agents 2

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Mostly new games in series that could be found on Nintendo handhelds before. I mainly play handheld and it feels like the types of games I like are not a priority anymore. Not just from Nintendo but other developers as well. Story heavy adventure games and more casual pick up and play for short sessions.

New Advance Wars, not a remake.
2D Zelda that is not a remake.
Hotel dusk (or Another Code just some nice adventure game that Cing used to make)
Osu!/Elite Beat Agents
Golden Sun, if they can get back to the charm of the first two games

Wouldn't mind a new Donkey Kong or anything else from Retro Studios, they must have done something in the years before they took over Metroid Prime development. Anything.

  • Golden Sun (Possibly a remake of the first 2)
  • Pikmin
  • Donkey Kong (Big omission. Of course there are rumors of... something)
  • F-Zero (hah)

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Pajderman said:

Hotel dusk (or Another Code just some nice adventure game that Cing used to make)

I was going to ask if the Kyle Hyde IP was Nintendo's. A third game would be amazing.

Other than that, Eternal Darkness would be very welcome.

Also, is Geist a Nintendo IP? I'd like to see that concept revisited.

Excite Bikes/Trucks/something

Was gonna say excite truck/tomadachi/startropics but was just beaten to it! ^^
No love for 1080 tho?



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