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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What Sega ports you wanna see ported to your console? Reasonable ports help Sega make money.

Pengo. Wish it would come to either Arcade Archives or Sega Ages. Zaxxon and Space Fury, which are also early 80: arcade games.

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Deep Fear to Switch please

Honestly, I'd just like a Shining Force collection with 1, 2, CD, and 3. Would be awesome if they included all three parts of 3, but only one part was brought to the west, so I'd understand if that didn't happen.

A remake of first Toejam & Earl.

A Sega aquisition would be very welcome. That Saudi Prince is taking too long to do it.
But as long as we are talking ports, I dunno, Shining Force I&II, Phantasy Star 3 and 4 I guess. Maybe remake them instead of port them. 2D styles.