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Forums - Sony Discussion - PlayStation: PSVR 2 coming out 2023

Early 2023, could be early enough for my birthday :) Doubt it though. I'll lower my expectations and not expect it before July 1st :p

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trunkswd said:

Early 2023 is a good time to launch it as long as it has a decent enough lineup at launch. Also with the Meta Quest 2 getting a $100 price hike this is a good chance for Sony to take the lead in the VR market.

If it will be tied to the PS5, it has zero chance of overtaking Quest 2 in terms of unit sales anytime in the near future.  It would take Meta moving on to Quest 3, and PSVR 2 remaining popular for a long time.  If it can also be used with PC, there may be a more realistic path to the top spot.