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Presentation of the game; the quality of the graphics combined with the art direction is awesome. It becomes 3x more impressive when you find out the entire game was done by one guy. One man produced a game with a visual quality up there with AAA tier games. Now, I will point out there are some janky animations and cut corners like one scene when Sheila is swimming, the water does not react to her at all, but it is easy to ignore when everything was done by one guy.

This is a DOOM styled shooter with DMC thrown into the mix and It's very fun. You have a lot of tools at your disposal: 4 different guns with 2 shot types each, a sword that you slice n dice with and after a couple of powerups slice n dice long range, deflects bullets with fair timing, multi direction dash, air dash, double jump, force powers. Game keeps guns and swords balanced as well; ancient enemies are resistant to guns so use sword, while rival organizations are better fought with guns. 


You don't play this game for story... but there is one. It feels like you start on Chapter 9 in a 12 chapter book. There is no context given to anything. From what I gather, in this world there are artifacts that cause supernatural phenomenon and 2 rival organizations fight for possessions of these artifacts. There is a 3rd player who commands an ancient army, but no details to who he is.. or anybody. Hell, only 4 characters have actual names.

Games does break up the high action shooting/slashing by giving out the obligatory stealth section and car shooting. Both very short and not terrible. Just nowhere as fun as what we actually bought the game for. 


- There are 2 bosses in the game that don't incorporate the armor break feature(blocking at right moment drains the armor gauge, once broken more damage) so it makes them slogfest fights. Not fun at all.

- This is a very very very short game. I beat it twice with the first run time being about 2h 30min and the second under 2 hours. Got every trophy in these 2 playthroughs as well. No unlockables, or extras to speak of. I feel content with supporting the developer but if it was a development team I would say wait for half off.  

I had fun with. If there going to be another as the game hinted(?) I would get it but if it is going to be short again at least have some type of unlockables modes in the next. 

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I enjoyed it for what it was.

It wasn't the deepest, longest, or most sophisticated game, but for just $20 I feel like I got my money's worth in terms of silly, over-the-top fun.

Definitely one of the most technically impressive games on Switch also.