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Forums - Movies & TV - SDCC 2022 thread | Marvel's entire MCU phase 5 and 6 slate announced | More titles revealed for D23

Here's a thread where we can openly discuss any of the big SDCC panels/reveals. Marvel dominated the show this year (WB doesn't exactly have a lot to show off with two of their major upcoming films stirred in controversy surrounding their stars), but WB had a couple big reveals of their own with the LotR and GoT spin-offs.

Basically, here's the upcoming MCU slate for phase 5 and 6 as revealed at their Hall H panel:

Some big news reveals:

  • The 2nd Saga finally has an official name: The Multiverse Saga. Will last 3 Phases, just like the Infinity Saga.
  • Marvel's I Am Groot (Shorts) are coming August 10th.
  • Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (TV Series) announced for 2023.
  • What If...? Season 2 coming in early 2023. 3rd Season announced.
  • Spider-Man Freshman Year (TV Series) coming in 2024. 2nd Season announced titled: 'Sophomore Year'.
  • X-Men 97, a revival of the original 90's animated series is coming in Fall 2023.
  • Marvel Zombies (TV Series) will be TV-MA.
  • Ant-Man & the Wasp Quantumania (Movie) poster revealed, revealing Kang's look. MODOK is also confirmed. Coming February 17th 2023
  • New She-Hulk (TV Series) trailer shown. Coming August 17th 2022.
  • Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever (Movie) trailer shown off finally with Namor officially confirmed.
  • Phase 4 will end with She-Hulk and Black Panther 2. Ant-Man & the Wasp Quantumania will start off Phase 5.
  • Daredevil: Born Again (TV Series) announced for Spring 2024, compromising of 18 Episodes.
  • Secret Invasion (TV Series) announced for Spring 2023.
  • Captain America 4 title revealed (Movie): Captain America: New World Order coming May 3rd 2024.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 (Movie) trailer released (Not viewable to the public yet). Coming May 5th 2023.
  • Blade (Movie) coming November 3rd 2023.
  • Thunderbolts (Movie) confirmed. Coming July 26th 2024. Will conclude Phase 5.
  • Phase 6 confirmed. Will start with the Fantastic Four (Coming November 8th 2024) and end with 2 Avengers films - Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (Coming May 2nd 2025) and Avengers: Secret Wars (Coming November 7th 2025).

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Glad to hear the announcements about Marvel Zombies' TV-MA rating (it opens the door for R/TV-MA Punisher and maybe even DareDevil, Jon Bernthal did say he was only interested in doing it right, after all) and DareDevil: Born Again being 18 episodes.

About time a D+ show gets full season treatment instead of the putrid 6 episodes per season they've been giving us for all of their shows from Marvel to Star Wars. That's more than Netflix has been giving us per season for each of their major shows. Well-deserved for Charlie Cox's MCU (proper?) debut/return (unclear at this point).

Charlie Cox's DareDevil will also be in the Spider-Man: Freshman Year animated prequel series. Yes, he will be voicing.

Jeez that's a lot. I'll probably skip at least half if not more. I am getting Marvel fatigue.


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It's kind of weird that we are getting no Avengers movie until 2025, but then we are getting two. Maybe these are basically two part films like Infinity War and Endgame?

It's good to see we're finally going through the downfall of the superhero genre for televisual entertainment. Bless we finally get a new genre of movie the dominate the cinematic space.

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I care about a whole one of these and am already bracing myself for a disappointment.

It's just hard to care about Marvel at this point with so much stuff going on everywhere all the time. Hell they just rebranded phase 4 into three different phases to say this multiverse stuff is just like the Infinity Saga. But whereas the Infinity Saga took place over roughly 12 years, this is all going on in less than 6. And from the recent stuff I watched, which admittedly isn't most of it, it did seem like they're getting a lot worse. But it's not like Star Wars sequels worse, it's not offensively bad or anything, just... each project has progressively felt more pointless than the last.

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The three biggest titles on here-- Fantastic Four and the two Avengers movies --have all been relegated to a future phase. Do they expect people will still care in nearly 3 years time, with all that shovelware in between?

Lord have mercy for what Disney+ is about to do to Daredevil.

A few years ago this would be exciting but I'm fatigued tbh. The films are all starting to blend together. The last time I was excited was Captain Marvel and it was a pile of donkey shit. Endgame was ok but again a lot of cringe moments. The last one I liked was Ragnorok and GOTG 2. Loki was fun. Wandavision was shit. Falcon was nice as it felt a little more grounded.

I watched the TMNT 190 film the other day and man was it refreshing that the final showdown is just 5 actors on a rooftop and stunts and not giant CGI fest of noise. Not asking for Super hero films to go away but to dial it way way way down. A simpler film is fresh at this point. No Black Widow is not simpler when they still throw all these massive action scenes in there.

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Unfortunately, I think the golden age of the MCU ended in Endgame. It's never going to be like that again. Most of the core characters have been retired or bastardized and they are trying to make something out of scraps and leftovers. It is thin, very thin.

Edit: I remembered that they still have at least the X-Men and the Fantastic Four in the tank. If they treat those properties like they treated the Avengers in the golden days, they might still have something. But I'm very worried that they are going to lean in hard into their woke politics and crap on what they have.

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Black panther trailer was well made but they will make the crazy anti vacine girl as the new black panther so rip this IP, other shit i dont care because marvel is doing turds after turds and dumping on characters like Wanda and ruining villains left and right.