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Forums - General Discussion - Anyone traveled and had been tanned this year minor or major?

I live in darkness



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Being the hypochondriac that I am, I avoid tans like I'm avoiding ebola. lol

Vacationed in Florida earlier this month.  Very hot all week, but I didn't get badly tanned/burned until the last day I was there.  We had gone out on a boat for the afternoon, so I was directly exposed to the sun the whole time.  Plus, going in and out of the water the 2 times we anchored washed away the sun block.  I reapplied it each time, but still got a bit burned.  It's not my worst burn, only light flaking of the skin on my shoulders days later.  Hat, sunglasses, and beard managed to save my scalp and face from it.

Isn't pretty much all of Mexico except for the coastal regions and Mexico City super hot during the summer. Most areas of Mexico have a similar climate to most of Arizona the Las Vegas region of Nevada and south east Texas very hot and dry during the summer. Its been super hot so far this year where I live in Fort Worth Texas is it will easily be the hottest year since 2011. Today it got up to 108 degrees Fahrenheit hopefully it was the hottest day of the year even though the hottest time of year takes place from July 27th to August 13th. Since its been super hot so far this year I pretty much only go outside early in the morning and during close to sunset and after sunset at night.

I travelled about 5h to a thermas place with plenty of water parks. I got a good tan for once.

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Plenty sun where I live, I'm pretty much tanned from March to November. I love the outdoors yet currently it's too hot to do much besides pool, beach or river. There's currently a heat warning again for most of the week.

I used to go cycling in this heat but getting a bit older now and less resistant to heat exhaustion. Cycling for 5 hours in full sun will even burn your fingers. I used to have the patterns of my sandals showing on my feet. It does seem the sun is getting hotter or is the air more clear? UV rating was at 9 again for mid day, sunscreen doesn't do much against that intensity. Almost 4 pm now, safe to go swimming, UV rating is back down to 5.

I love the sun but lately she hasn't been very kind. Why are you so hot nowadays!

July was officially the second hottest month in my area. Replacing 2011 as the second hottest month after 1980. The vast majority of Texas was in the top five when it came to hottest month and the entire state was in the top 10. So far August hasn't been that hot. There is currently a cold front in my area and another one starts next Thursday. Looks like August could end up below average temperature wise. Plus, we finally got some rain also. There was a stray shower in my area in July for a couple of minutes which amounted to almost nothing but in DFW airport where the official records are kept the was no rain in July.

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