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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - After trying Capcom Fighting collection on switch with rollback it still lags


any 3D fighter demanding too much vs old 2D capcom games is not right?

Should wait for switch 2 for tekken 7 0 0%
Capcom Fighting Collectio... 1 100.00%
Nintendo please fix your ... 0 0%
3D fighting games will me... 0 0%
Im still buying tekken 7 ... 0 0%
Tekken 8 on Switch lets lag baby 0 0%
Nintendo will Nintendo on... 0 0%

I tried the switch version and most online matches ran terribly mostly vampire savior, I hated most matches I decided not to upload for myself. Imagine tekken 7 on Switch or Tekken 8 that game demands way too much more than capcom fighting collection I hope any 3D fighting game skip and hopefully port tekken 7 on Switch 2 with wii u and ps4 netcode in the middle I think Nintendo will never reach PS4 type of online unless it was switch 3 for tekken 7 not 8 I think 8 will blow switch 2.

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Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

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I am furious from the lags online the switch version truly is bad, I don't want to struggle using my air soul fist not registering 60% of the time because of laggers and switch netcode I dropped alot of inputs I should never drop the switch port of vampire savior online is garbage, I'll return this trashcan port I'm tired of the dropped combos I dont miss those combos on ps4. I no longer want the switch version I'm returning you for good? so much input lag killed this game on Switch I highly recommend people never buying the nintendo switch version not even docked with pro controller . I went to options and changed input lag they all sucked this is why majority competitive players  never bought switch version only casuals . people new to vampire savior will never notice te difference because they never had it on Sega Saturn or Fightcade where the frames are 30 to 120 fps the switch frames run at 10FPS most of the time and few under 25 even offline it feel the inputs dont wanna work its a bad port like if it were street fighter 30th on switch but this one is worser because Vampire Savior I always pick turbo mode or any mode super fast which kills the switch and it sucks. Get it in fightcade and ps4 instead dont waste your time on switch version it runs under 20 frames or slideshow under 5 frames per second hate it I almost broke my switch and to top it off it has rollback but the online netcode is so trash I had alot of meltdowns in ranked from the lag going 25 or 10 never 30fps in ranked this is not how to play vampire savior pffft 25fps get out of here. I refunding this mess I hate 25fps I rather on PS5 with 120fps or ps4 solid 40 fps which I dont rage from the lag and barely drop my inputs on ps4 something the nintendo switch should learn a thing or 2 in online netcode and turbo mode. getting a steam deck for this portably and online at 120fps. most switch matches under 10frames per second no! Even though I won most matches with the 10fps I'm am still pissed even if i won theres winning in a cool chill way combo freak I am then theres winning it scrubby way barely any combo's I hate winning in comboless fashion or winning in poor fashion without me looking like a combo freak which I I like winning or losing with style on PC.

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Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

This Nintendo switch player experienced the 15fps match here , I experience worser I experience 10fps mind you gamers to never go in vampire savior on switch online I had like 99% matches similar, and Capcom fighting has rollback screw this game on switch maybe they can port older 3D fighting games like Tekken tag 2 from wii u but not tekken 7 since that game runs questionable on PS4 hardware like 40$ on PS4 ranked certain lag, go to the video 40:40 you'll see this man complain on vampire savior I dont agree with few matches he played in vampire savior they are not smooth he doesnt have the skillset to to cancel the more advanced combos I do with morrigan like my 39 hit combo I land on steam or my 54 hit combo Ianother move on steam , you need connection under 30fps without going 39 or dipping for such combos again morrigan is destroyed from using such combos and wold boy 3 hit combo hes doing is basic shit combo. thats like 26 hits less than my 39 hit combo check 40:40 mark I'm done from playing this on switch noone will see me play this ever again on switch maybe few times on switch today but thats not palable for my heart and ithurts my hurt from the meltdowns of too many dropped combos

again 40:40 mark is me 99% matches in ranked

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

I'm sorry for my rude comment of this port I didn't refund it. Yes there's alot of players on switch there is alot of lag in alot of games but I didn't really mean it I'm sorry and I wouldn't mind tekken 7 on Nintendo Switch 1 even though that game already lags on the ps4 but it will be on nintendo netcode. I'm sorry.

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.