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Forums - Sony Discussion - Which PSN+ Plan are you opting for? (launched today!)

I know it launches in a little less than 2 weeks, supposedly, so I have plenty of time to decide but I'm not sure if I'm going to go Extra or Deluxe yet. I'm leaning towards Deluxe so that I'll have access to more games but I'm not completely sold quite yet. What are you guys going to do? 

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Essentials. If Multiplayer/Cloud was free, I'd drop out of PS+ Completely. I have so many games that I have redeemed on PS+ that the backlog is huge. The only way I will upgrade is if they start including day 1 first party but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

PS: If they want to charge for ps3 games, they should make an emulator instead of doing cloud nonsense. If some random people on the internet can make a ps3 emulator, I am sure Sony can.


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Premium. I want to play the legacy platforms. It's gonna be the same price I've already paid for PS Plus and PS Now (subscribed for about the last year and a half).

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Premium. I am already a PS+ and PS Now subscriber.

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Sticking with Essential might try out the premium tier for a month or two when more PSP, PS2, and PS1 games get added to the service.

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Unfortunately still not interested in any plan. I have a gigantic backlog anyway, so the games are worth nothing to me. I might be willing to pay a bit for online occasionally, but I have fairly little interest in playing online on consoles, so paying for a whole month is simply a waste for me. If I could pay for like a week or two with no access to the games, I might be willing to occasionally pay, but with the current plans, it never makes any sense for me to subscribe even for a while. That is, there could be a plan suitable for me, but there is, since Sony expanded the plans 'in the wrong end'.

Ps1 games on ps plus deluxe not ntsc in my country so I'm just getting the Extra tier

Likely going to try out Extra for a year, then either stick with it or drop back down to Essential. Premium doesn't do it for me at the moment with what's on offer.

No idea.

Current sub ends in November. I'll probably wait until July earliest to see if I want to upgrade for the remainder of my sub.

Then I'll decide which I'll use going forward. But I'm learning to staying on Essential.

Premium. I want the legacy catalog and to play PS3 games I never got to play.