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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I relise a certain website puts other subjects over gaming that website starts with an r and ends with an a

And that website is a bunch of people that barely play their games and sit all day talking about other subjects, I want that websiter bombed like majority even discord wants that dumpster fire blasted from the sun, It's great this website doesn't make threads about subject + game developer that is why everybody gets destroyed. That website that starts with an R and ends with an E really should keep their threads off such categories the only thing they ever did correct without getting people talking and have everyone lose is making the etcetc forum which they made Ukraine vs Russian war stuck there I never saw a thread like that in the gaming forum, they are too many dumb people that can't organize their opinion and have to bring it in gaming forum which I accidently read the title and I get pulled I wasn't interested in the Ukraine vs Russian was because they never put it in gaming forum whoever ties Russian vs Ukraine + game developer or gamer will just make things so weird or should I say other subjects in their gaming forum they dont think? I hope they keep their shit seperate in the etc etc forum and leave pure gaming in gaming forum, no wonder that website gets hated by majority of the world because of their interest in other subjects moreso than gaming. Also I am happy about Ukraine being heroes atleast this website doesn't (tag developer + ukraine war) our threads are Ukraine and Russian war without adding a game developer or a famous actor with the war.

Don't do inept things like that in your website stay on the topic because you'll attract a powerful person like hypothetically like myself please categorize your threads as such.

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.