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Major wtf moment. Yesterday I was just thinking about how I missed Shadow Hearts after coming across this interview with Machida

Than wake up to this! I don't even care if its just the vanilla version, I would run this series again in a heartbeat.

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If they start rebooting the series, they better keep true to the vibe of it.
The horror themes, the turn based combat, and the judgement wheel/ring.

(the timeing element, makes turn based combat much better, its one of those things I loved in SuperMario RPG as well)
(if this goes action-rpg, it losses out on what sets it apart, and becomes another generic thingy, it needs to stay turn based)

Be neat to try one. The only one I saw anything of was some kid in a detective agency with what might have been the worst overworld music I ever heard lol. If they did a HD collection I'd buy it as I did .hack to try a PS2 RPG series I never played before.

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