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Forums - Sports Discussion - Boxing thread from a boxing fan(Canelo can upset beat Bivol in rematch)

Canelo just bit more than he can chew. He fought a champion within his natural weight. Canelo needs to go down in weight and take the Golovkin fight, I think that's the smartest play for him.

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I think Bivol's jabs shocked Canelo, it was reminiscent of Triple G's, that's why he had a hard time on their 1st outing. Plus, it's a lot heavier punch, because of the weight. But, still interesting to see if Canelo's willing to take the rematch. We'll see.

Nice analysis mate! Btw, from the Philippines here! And you know, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao just conceded on the presidential elections, which he came 3rd overall. Which means, fight fans here are abuzz of The Pacman goin' back to the ring!

I dont think Bivol's goin to go down to 168, he's in his most comfortable weight at light heavyweight. Hey, so far, it appears that we're the only boxing afficionado here in vgchartz! Maybe, there are lurkers here just waitin to join this thread tho. Looking forward when other boxing fans here join us in the discussion.

What a fight! Gratz to Charlo! That short left uppercut sealed the deal. The fight's kinda close tho, until Charlo's body work of Castano's finally paid off on rd 10, then, it's only a matter of time the heads gonna fall off after the body.

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Told ya, it's Canelo vs GGG Trilogy. GGG by SD.

Canelo is one of the biggest frauds in boxing. Almost his whole career has been cherry picking fighters, past prime, catchweights, weight drained, from another weight class with canelo coming in with some weight advantage, moving up and down divisions to avoid the best, etc. When he first fought GGG which was robbery, GGG was already on the decline and had been calling out canelo for 2 years. GGG also gave canelo way too much respect and wasted atleast 5 rounds. Prime GGg would have finished canelo under 6 rounds. And bivol will smoke canelo again. Canelo is fighting at a weight level beyond his. Bivol will smash canelo.