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What kind of board/card/dice related games do you guys like the most? 

I’m about to play my first DND game over the next few weeks. I hear it’s a lot of fun depending on the people you play with (which hopefully it’ll go well). 

My favorite board game is Betrayal at House on the Hill, which I have heard it’s basically a structured DND style game. I also love shadows in the forest and 1313 dead end drive. Favorite game that’s a little more generic would be Clue. I guess I have a thing for “creepy” games xD

I also used to play Mafia when it was popular on here but I wasn’t super great at it xD

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I always had a certain fondness for Mouse Trap.

I like playing Trivial Pursuit and Yahtzee with my family and friends.

My favourite is playing card games with the Spanish deck at that.

There are various games that you can play, but the one I enjoy the most is Escoba.
Pretty easy game that you just need to add to 15 to remove the cards on the table.

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Monopoly Sonic

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This is actually the sickest game.

It's a pretty standard card game all things considered, but it's way more fun than most for reasons I don't think I can explain. There's a site for playing it online, been a regular timewaste of mine in the past year or two.

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my top 50 games

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Boss Monster

I actually kickstarted this game, too, which came with a golden sleeve, making it look like the golden NES Zelda cartridges. Pretty neat card game where your purpose is to defend your dungeon and collect as many souls of defeated heroes as possible, which means attracting them to your dungeon in the first place.

I love Magic the gathering but I mostly play it digitally since most of my friends that I play with lives far away.

We play Settlers of Catan at least once when I visit my family. When we first got to play the game around 20 years ago we played it every day (without exaggeration) from Christmas to Easter.

But, I think the top spot goes to Labyrinth. I do not play it anymore, but played a lot as a kid. Me and my brothers used to come up with new rules, playing the game blindly with all tiles upsidedown. I find the combination of strategic thinking and fantasy setting great to spur imagination. I find myself always drawn to board games where the playing field is dynamic.

I enjoyed the classics like DnD and Chess. Didn't really enjoy board games that much, but played a variety of them.

Also enjoyed Card games like Yugioh, Poker, Blackjack and etc.

Secret Hitler

*real game and very good. Especially with a good 8 to 10 people

Cards against humanity, UNO, The Biding of Isaac official board game are all my jams

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