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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Desert Island games..

You're stranded on a deserted island. You only have a choice of 5 games to play, forever.. what do you choose?

Rules - Can have expansions and DLC, collections allowed. You have access to internet and you can mod them. Provided with systems and relevant accessories.

Mine are...

World of Warcraft - Huge MMORPG with so much content. Dungeons/raids to team up on, PVP and social aspect makes it one of my top games to play; with friends or solo. Content is ongoing too with expansions for the long foreseeable future.

- Massive map to explore with multiple vehicles, lots of missions and sandbox fun to be had. Plus online multiplayer.. and lots of mods.

The Sims 3
- Open world, fun, light-hearted creation sim. Easy to jump in and out or put hours into building and making stuff. Lots of content with DLC's and mods too.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition
(ME 1-3) - One of my all time favourites. High replay value with an abundance of character interactions and different builds.

The Orange Box
(Half Life 2 & DLC's, Portal and Team Fortress) - Okay this is cheating a bit lol. Still, a collection of some of the finest FPS/puzzle/MP ever made. Single player and MP in one, essential imo.

Honorable mentions - others that almost made it but didn't make my top five.. goes to; Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Bioshock collection, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Super Mario All-Stars, Max Payne 1/2/3, God of War (2018), The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Final Fantasy VII and IX.

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Genshin Impact - Waifus, Free to play, Execellent music, Good Gameplay and Endless content

Age of Empires 2 DE - Game keeps getting endless amounts of content and I do need muh RTS

Legend of Zelda BoTW - If I can't have BoTW2, this would be the next best thing. My third favourite Zelda game but if I have to stick with one forever, this one would have the most playability.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Not just for the gameplay... But for the music collection!

Homemate - Still one of the better hentai games out there despite being old by todays standards. Doesn't have the best graphics but it certainly has a lot of sexy stuff...


                               Anime: Haruhi                                                                                                           Nsfw Anime Thread                                     

Chrono Trigger -The game I have played through the most over the years, and it never gets old getting the gang back together.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (hopefully with all the upcoming dlc attached)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition- Have only played through the games once just a few months ago but enjoyed it quite a bit enough to add it to the list.

Zelda Breath of the Wild -beat it twice once on Wii U once on the Switch, and enjoyed it just as much the 2nd time as I did the 1st time.

Super Mario All Stars. -The first 4 games were easy, but the 5th game was tough. Deciding between shorter great games or longer games like Persona games is a tough choice.

Hopefully this deserted island has enough food, rum and at least one compatible women on it as well!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection - this collection has freaking everything and enough developer made and community made content to last an eternity

Skyrim - this game is over 10 years old and STILL has a ton of people playing it (including myself) and new mods constantly being made

God of War (2018) - this game is so freaking good, I would be more than happy to replay it for a long time

The Legend of Zelda: BotW - Over 5 years later and people are still finding new things you can do in this game!

Pre-Warcraft III Reforged version of Warcraft III - I will forever be salty that Blizzard ruined the, in my opinion, greatest RTS game ever created! The campaign was awesome, multiplayer, and the endless amount of custom games there were to enjoy! 

I will say that Starfield may very well replace Skyrim on my personal list I can forever play because I love Sci-Fi and the thought of Skyrim in space may very well be everything I could need.

Great thread idea!

I know collections are fair game, but I'm going to omit them to make this a little harder for myself...

1) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (NS)
I absolutely need a Zelda game in my life, and this is not only the best in my opinion but the one with the most value.

2) Animal Crossing: New Horizons (NS)
Honestly, this is the only game I'd truly need on a desert island. I've already logged 600+ hours, and I could go on indefinitely. 

3) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (NS)
This is the finest racer in my book. Plus it's loaded with replayable content, and supports online multiplayer. Hopefully the island has a hard-wired connection

4) The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Xbox)
My favorite TES game, and one that I could play for dozens and dozens of hours. 

5) Super Mario 64 (N64)
This game is my childhood and I love it dearly 26 years later. I can definitely see myself replaying it again and again.

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StarCraft: Brood Wars.
I have been playing this game since 1998, so clearly the replay value is there for me.

Master of Orion 2.
Timeless classic, still play it today, although it has lost any and all challenge for me even on hardest difficulty...

Alpha Centauri
Another 90's classic. Fantastic TBS.

These are literally the only games I need.

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I'm not gonna do collections either :P

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Batman: Arkham City
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Super Mario Galaxy 2
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

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Ori and the Will of the Wisps - One of my all-time faves and I do speedruns of it, never get tired of playing it. Modding being available also means I can play randomizers, and internet being a thing also means I can stream and submit runs. No-brainer choice.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - I'm a bit iffy on this because let's face it, online's gonna suck, but I'd probably need some competitive game and this is the competitive game I have in my life.

Football Manager - if I need something to waste time... a lot of time... nothing better than this.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes - I can't not have a Metroid game, no way. Something from this series has to be in and given that there's already a 2D Metroidvania on the list and that Prime 2 is the lengthiest Metroid game, while also being fantastic, makes this the best choice.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - similar to the above. I can't not have Guardians in my life. To be fair they could be available via movies, the rules didn't discuss that, so just in case, gotta put this one on the list.

So in this context I'd be leaving out several of my all-time favorite games. It sucks, but I mean, that's why we don't actually do it

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my top 50 games

  • Yoshi's Island - my all time favourite game
  • Tomb Raider II - no matter how many times I run through this, it never gets old. There's also lots of different approaches / challenges I could try. If only Square would put out a comp of all the old games, I could have had them all...
  • Super Mario All Stars + World - five games on one cart? sold
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Remake - really fun, and so easy to pick up and play
  • Twilight Princess - a nice, involving adventure to get lost in
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You have access to the internet? Interesting. If I can't leave the island due to an invisible barrier only preventing me from leaving then.... I should start saving now for a mail order bride. Russians will probably be going for cheap at the moment.

Halo MCC. I expect this to be updated with the future games. ODST and Reach has since been added and also smaller things like Spartan Ops and firefight have been added or received major updates. It's a solid safe bet Halo 5 will be added and potentially infinite may be added in the future.

Mass Effect Legendary. High level of replayability and options. mods plentiful.

Golden sun 1 and 2. Nostalgia, that's why. Decent replayability Nothing like above but decent for it's time and platform. Could eBay a GBA I guess or just emulate on PC. Yes, i'm counting this as 2 even though they're sort of one game in the way Dune part 1 is half of Dune movie... so it could be argued it is one game split into 2 and was just limited by the tech at the time.

Diablo 2. May as well be the remake.

Probably all going to be on the PC. If you had to take only 1 platform with you, PC is surely the way to go.