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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rumor: List of PlayStation first-party games that are currently being ported to PC

We've been expecting more PC ports for PlayStation games to start quickening here soon since Uncharted Collection is so far the only remaining confirmed title. A pretty credible industry insider has provided additional information on graphics options for the upcoming GoW: Ragnarok, as well as the list of upcoming ports. 

Nixxes appears to have been working on the Ghost of Tsushima port the longest, so I wouldn't be surprised if that releases next on PC.

But of course, massive grain of salt! It kinda seems like the PC platform is meant to replace the PS4 since GoW: Ragnarok will be the final cross-gen title. Full link below here.

On a side note, if you're planning on getting a DualSense controller for your PC, Sony has now provided a way to upgrade the firmware of the controller on your PC :)

Update the wireless controller firmware (

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Makes sense. More money. As a ps5 owner it doesn't bother me if more people get to play great games.

Not really saying anything not already known (regarding PC ports). Until games release day/date with their PlayStation counterparts, this is about as easy a guess as anyone can make at this point.


As interesting a rumour this is, it doesn't strike me as anything we haven't really thought about happening.

But of course, the specific teams involved in the PC porting is something to look for when these games are announced. 

But yeah, PS5 streaming on PS4 I think has always been a given. I'd be excited to try that out actually. 

I wish they would port the PS3 collection games instead.


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A little disappointing The Last of Us wasn't mentioned. Would love a PC port of that. The first 3 Uncharted games too! Don't really want Uncharted 4 on PC until I have Uncharted 1-3.

Ghost of Tsushima would be great though!

I honestly have mixed feelings about this... I would have liked to see this happen once the supply/demand situation improved... Doesn't affect me personally as a PS5 owner, but not everyone was that lucky.

But it's also nice to cut off the umbilical cord to older hardware so we can make some strides forwards to make the 9th gen consoles shine.

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Pemalite said:

But it's also nice to cut off the umbilical cord to older hardware so we can make some strides forwards to make the 9th gen consoles shine.

This is long overdue. So much content that artists can't release because they are still bound by ancient hardware.


Not saying its false but its just things we already know, not really "rumour" worthy. All of the major titles will go to PC a few years after release.

The Spider-Man games are what interest me the most. Surprised it took so long for Spider-Man games to become Playstation excusive considering how long Sony had the movie rights, but that's still the one game I'm sad to see only available on one platform.