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Most Anticipated May Release

Deliver Us the Moon 12 3.01%
Dolmen 4 1.00%
Dungeon Defenders: Awakened 7 1.75%
Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising 76 19.05%
Evil Dead: The Game 50 12.53%
Salt and Sacrifice 37 9.27%
Sniper Elite 5 98 24.56%
Sons of the Forest 9 2.26%
Trek to Yomi 70 17.54%
Vampire The Masquerade - Swansong 36 9.02%

Would've been Sniper Elite 5, but it's not coming to the Switch so I don't have a console I could play it on.

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Im almost certain to get Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising and Salt and Sacrifice.

Nothing here which is good. Need to finish Elden, forbidden west, triangle and kirby.

The physical version of The Ascent. I'm so hyped to finally play it.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I antictipate being released from May and this lineup.

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is there an OTHER option?


MX vs ATV Legends could be interesting, but the fan base might be hesitant to dive in until close to launch when they know what they’re getting.
Previous games since MX vs ATV Reflex only seem to have built up a decent following after being patched out.

Nothing...second empty month in a row. Time for backlog.

Nothing for me.

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Evil Dead or Trek to Yomi; maybe even Sniper Elite.