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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Elon Musk To Buy EA, Ubisoft, and SEGA for $57.02 billion



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According to a breaking newS article over At, Musk is seT to acquire EA for $43.73 billion, Ubisoft for $7.25 billion, and SEGA for $6.04 billion in their entierity. Writer Flurb Burfington has sat down and Interviewed Musk at the revalation of this histoRic evEnt:

Flurb - "Mr. Musk, can I call you Elon?"

Musk - "Ha ha, yeah."

Flurb - "Can I ask, what made you purchase these specific companies?"

Musk - "You may not ask."

Flurb - *awkward silence*

Musk - "I'm just messing with you haha, I'm all about free speech! Which lead me to this purchase. I saw all the people freaking out about me possibly buying another company, and I realized why they were freaking out. They want censorship. There is no reasoning with these people, so I figured, if I can't reason with them, I'll just try to go into more industries and try to force freedom of speech into those organizations. Organizations that are particularly woke."

Flurb - "So, you are trying to eliminate liberal perspectives in more liberal companies?"

Musk - "Absolutely not! By woke I mean, so far one way that you try to cancel anyone else's viewpoint. I'm not anti liberal, I'm anti cancellation! So, my goal is to reorganize these companies into a new global company called 'Freedom, Inc.' and... I probably shouldn't say more."

Flurb - "Oh come on, you have to tell us!"

Musk - "Well, allright! I'm going to launch a console, too! It's going to be called the Super Freedom!"

Flurb - "Wow! Watch out Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo! Any games we can expect in particular?"

Musk - "Yep! But why tell you when I can show you?"

*Musk proceeds to play a alpha build video of Freedom Man, a depiction of Florida man holding an American flag facing down a hurricane, but this time, the hurricane is wokeism.

Flurb - *speechless*

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