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Forums - Movies & TV - Prehistoric Planet — Official Teaser | Apple TV+ | David Attenborough

Prehistoric Planet — Official Teaser | Apple TV+ - YouTube

Prehistoric Planet — Official Sneak Peek | Apple TV+ - YouTube

Experience an event of prehistoric proportions. Stream Prehistoric Planet May 23 on Apple TV+

Experience the world of dinosaurs like never before in this epic docuseries from Executive Producer Jon Favreau and the producers of Planet Earth. With David Attenborough and accompanied by a breath-taking score by Hans Zimmer, Prehistoric Planet is a five-night documentary event coming to Apple TV+ May 23rd.

The GOAT David Attenborough.

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This is the kind of dino doc I dreamed about as a kid. Looks great. I love that technology is finally starting to catch up to our imaginations, at least in the realm of computer graphics.