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With today being April 1st, instead of me jumping into "April Fools" Mode, I'll pose a serious question about a non-serious topic. What game do you think was the most humorous game that you've played? Any games make you actually laugh? 

For me, the first game that I can think of that *probably* made me laugh was probably Super Mario RPG (I was 10 so forgive me if I am a little blurry on the details). The first games I actually do remember laughing at were a little later on, Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, Elite Beat Agents, and Katamari Damacy. The game I laughed the most at was probably Portal 2, followed by Borderlands 2. Both games made me laugh until I cried at some points. In recent years, I'd give it up to Psychonauts 2 for writing one of the most humorous games so far this generation. And I can't forget all of the hilariously bad puns from Paper Mario. 

What about you guys, what games did you guys think were the most funny? 

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Firstly, has your account been taken over by kirby007? :O

As for the topic, Borderlands 1/2 definitely come to mind straight away. Nothing like playing co-op and warning your buddy that there's an explosive midget running towards them!

Every David Cage game is a running joke.

Ok for real some of the jokes in No More Heroes games were great. DMC and Bayonetta and esp the MJ moonwalk from DMC5. Grim Fandango is great. The Yakuza games side missions can get so damn goofy that I lose it sometimes. The main story is very serious but then the side stuff is so over the top. The EDF games being intentional 50s B movie nonsense is great.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

All Paper Mario games are hilarious. Super, Color Splash, Sticker Star and Origami King all made me laugh out loud several times. Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie also have cheesy humour.

The South Park games have some great humour in them. Portal games.

Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, Simon the Sorcerer. Pattern here.

Hmm, pie.

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Great topic, I like it!

You named Katamari Damacy, and that surely is one really silly game (while also having unique and great gameplay). I genuinely smiled about all the stuff I could roll up and the reaction. The panic my Katamari induced and how all living things kept fidgeting stuck to the Katamari. Or police man shooting at the Katamari (not that it helped them in any way).

Other great funny games are some of LucasArts adventures. Especially The Secret of Monkey Island And Day of the Tentacle have absolutely great jokes. The Sword fighting in Monkey Island, which you win with the best insults and retorts. Also word plays jokes like with the Monkey wrench. And Day of the Tentacle where you travel through time with the chrono John (yeah, a toilet) to prevent the toxic spill that mutates an intelligent tentacle to get arms and take over the world:

Ron Gilbert worked on these games, especially Monkey Island. He later on in times than LucasArts was no longer made another funny game, The Cave. About a talking Cave narrating the game and the people search for their desire inside it.

To move on to another game: the Lego games generally tend to be very lighthearted and fun. The most interesting for me personally is Lego City Undercover, which clones Open World Sandbox games like GTA and makes fun of their conventions and tropes. And let me tell you: if you think Lego games are for kids, then I pose the question why the intro has a visual reference to Boogie Nights (the rollerblade girl), a movie entirely *not* for kids. It is because adults can have very much fun with these games as well!

Not a classical light-hearted game, but I think Duke Nukem 3D is quite funny at times, with joking references and comments. The end boss of the first chapter you fight on a big footall field, while cheerleaders are cheering throughout the fight for instance.

And one of the silliest games I ever played has to be Worms. It took the gameplay of Scorched Earth, but added a lighthearted component by introducing worms as characters and add absolutely silly weapons and unwanted destruction. If you ever played Worms with friends together in hotseat at one computer, you know it is one of the most fun experiences, as your turns do not always go as planned.

Also quite funny is Battle Chess. The idea was simple yet enticing: it is normal chess, but if you capture a chess piece an animation plays that shows them fighting. This has a lot of gags (and also blood).

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Conkers Bad Fur day is probably the game that made me laugh the most.

Games from LucasArts in its prime are also up there. Curse of Monkey Island comes to mind.

Mario RPG games like the Paper Mario series and the Mario Luigi Games all have great humor.

But even so, I think my personal top tier have to go to the lego games. The way that they create known worlds like Star wars and Harry Potter in lego is hilarious and the cut scenes are always fun. Even if the gameplay can be wonky at times the way that they handle the IP, brutally dissecting them brick by brick for funs sake makes them my top choice for fun games.

Portal 2 made me laugh quite a few times.

Nice thread idea, going against the norm today!

To tell you the truth, I don't think I have laughed from any video game at all.
Some have been smart or ingenious with a gameplay mechanic, but actually laughing? Nahhh.

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I think a loose top 5 funniest games for me would be:

  1. Portal 2
  2. The Stanley Parable
  3. Deltarune
  4. Borderlands 2
  5. Portal

The top 2 are fairly interchangeable. A few others that come to mind:

  • Undertale
  • Aperature Desk Job
  • Frog Fractions

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