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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Developer Trading Thread

Ever been annoyed that a studio is forced to make games you don't like? If you could have publishers swap development studios, who would you swap? It has to be a fair trade. 


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Konami should give Suikoden to Square Enix, so that they actually do something with the IP.
Square Enix in return should give Kingdom Hearts to Konami so that they shelve it and never do anything with the franchise - as they do with all their franchises.

Everybody benefits.

Rare being stuck making an open world pirate game and a game that we've hardly heard anything about that feels like it may never actually release. Microsoft has acquired I don't know how many developers, but surely at least one of them can be giving the task of making a new Banjo-Kazooie game THAT'S NOT A BORING CAR BUILDING GAME.

At least Killer Instinct and Battletoads eventually ended up in capable hands, with new entries that came close to capturing the spirit and feel of the originals.

I'd swap anything EA makes with pretty much any other developer under the sun. 

I would like to see Atlus do a new Lunar game, since GameArts seems to be in limbo.

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