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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Title screens where you knew immediately the game was going to be amazing

It's an awesome feeling when you boot up a game for the first time, and know it's gonna be special the moment you set eyes on the title screen. I think it's fair to say we've all had it happen with a few games, so this thread is where I want you to share those.

Let's get this started.

This was certainly the most impactful title screen for me. I remember turning the game on for the first time and just staring at this for over 30 minutes, letting it sink in. I knew Will of the Wisps was going to be a great game but this is when I realized just how much I wasn't ready for it.

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Ocarina of Time, Arkham City, A Link Between Worlds, A Link to the Past, Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Wind Waker

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Such a beautiful and lifeful intro from Will of the Wisps.

First time I got that special feeling was with Xenoblade Chronicles Wii, Never had that experience before until that game, it took me by suprise and made me feel this was going to be a good game. The time passes on the title screen and the music tells you a story.

After this, I decided to explore more and more games.

The one that always comes to mind first.

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The games themselves aren't amazing but I adore the menu screen for:

and love the title music for this indie game as well:

EarthBound (Mother 2)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Super Mario Sunshine
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2

I can't think of any favorite games not made by Nintendo that have amazing title screens. Nintendo usually makes an amazing impression.

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*sigh* Good times.

Super Mario 64. Spent half an hour just playing with the title screen as a kid before even making a new game