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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Project Indy: The 3DS successor that was shelved

Sifting through info obtained in the Nintendo "Gigaleak", Rare Gaming Dump have compiled a profile of a 3DS successor codenamed "Project Indy" that was in development in 2012-2014 and ultimately shelved in favour of the Switch.

The system would have been between 3DS and Wii U in power, with the following specs:

- 4 ARM Cortex A53 cores
- Graphics core sometimes mentioned with the name "Decaf Latte", implying that it would've been a portable version of the Wii U's graphics core
- 1GB of LPDDR3 RAM (Switch uses 4GB of LPDDR4)
- A single 3D touchscreen display
- 1 front camera, 2 rear cameras
- Built-in NFC interface (Implying that detachable controllers were not used)
- Accelerometer & gyroscope
- PCIe expansion interface for a "Toronto" SoC by Sharp which would have provided 3DS compatibility

INDY - RGDWiki (

Reveal details of the Nintendo INDY, successor to the 3DS that never came true | Ruetir - Ruetir

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Okay, this is fascinating!

Good thing it was shelved lol


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Personally, I'd have loved it, but it was definitely not the way to go.

Definitely seems like it would have been too weak for a handheld releasing in presumably 2017.

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Good idea to cancel this. Way too weak.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

not the greatest specs.... however if it was cheap enough, could probably have sold.

That would have continued Nintendo's decline. Glad they shelved it. Would have done great in Japan but especially meh in Europe and just okay in the states.  

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Thank god it was canned.

No double screen and clam-shell design? Those are the two aspects I missed the most about the old portable Nintendo era. I'm glad they didn't release it...