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Forums - Sales Discussion - Lifetime sales expectations for Gran Turismo 7?


Lifetime sales expectations for Gran Turismo 7?

Less than 8 million 205 39.73%
8.0 - 9.9 million 64 12.40%
10.0 - 11.9 million 91 17.64%
12.0 - 13.9 million 48 9.30%
14.0 - 15.9 million 46 8.91%
16.0 - 17.9 million 20 3.88%
18.0 - 19.9 million 4 0.78%
20.0 - 21.9 million 11 2.13%
22.0 - 24.0 million 1 0.19%
More than 24 million 26 5.04%

There has not been a lot of sales data from official trackers for Gran Turismo 7 so far, but the little we have clearly points towards a bigger success than Gran Turismo Sport. What are your lifetime sales expectations for Gran Turismo 7?


Bonus question: If you've played GT7 already, what are your thoughts/impressions? How does it compare to older games in the series?

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I would've initially said 10-15 million, but this PR disaster Polyphony has gotten themselves into, will hurt sales somewhat.

Wrong time to ask, at this point it deserves 0 sales.

Bait and switch, unfinished unimaginative campaign, no content after the menu books, terrible AI, online somehow way worse than GT Sport.

I play it to make my own endurance races, day/night and dynamic weather are the saving grace. Yet everything else is annoying to downright bad. The UI, the grind, the roulette tickets, the catch the rabbit races. It's the worst GT game yet.

But racing at night (custom race) in torrential rain is heart pounding good. Too bad the AI is so dumb and cheats to get ahead

First they crawl on the wrong tires, then they pit and somehow make up 1 minute 25 seconds and are on my ass again at the end of the lap, then race by. Magic tires to go with magic boost! (rain at full strength at 4 minutes)

7 million sounds about right (I know, it's in the game's title). Tracking of GT Sport on this site puts it at around 3.77 million and I think it's reasonable enough that GT7 can sell a lot more than that, especially since it's on two platforms.

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Whats the last official sales number for GT Sport?

I think GT7 will outsell it initially but fall behind with its legs due to the negativity surrounding it.

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Without sales data of at least the last 3 Gran Turismo titles I'm not able to predict any software sales.

brute said:

Whats the last official sales number for GT Sport?

I think GT7 will outsell it initially but fall behind with its legs due to the negativity surrounding it.

I pretty much agree with this.

brute said:

Whats the last official sales number for GT Sport?

I think GT7 will outsell it initially but fall behind with its legs due to the negativity surrounding it.

Yep, it's looking pretty grim atm, 1.8 user score on metacritic "Overwhelming dislike based on 6194 Ratings"

And deserved. The MTX weren't known yet at the time of release, patch 1.07 lowered all the payouts that weren't too horrible and left the game unplayable for a day and a half. Server maintenance, can't play the single player portion either.

Normally I would defend the $70 asking price, but not when the game shamelessly offers you to top up your credits with your credit card and charge $185 for a car. The current 18.5 million car in the legend car dealership now takes 24 hours straight up grinding, flawlessly finish Fisherman's ranch 3.5 minute race in first 412 times with clean race bonus.

Any other methods don't even compute. I get about avg 20K per hour playing sport mode, same for doing custom endurance races. Fun play would take me 925 hours, or 116 x 8 hour days of playing...

Patch 1.07 plus the lame derogatory 'apology' from Kaz was the tipping point. Before that there were already many complaints about the short lackluster campaign, bad AI, questionable handling, hardly any post campaign content (no races for fast cars at all, no endurance races) and terrible state the online portion launched in (and still is in)

How this game got 87 critic score is beyond me. It does have 87 potential, but atm it's simply not finished, has a lot of bugs to fix and needs many UI improvements.

Whether it survives the backlash depends on what PD does next. A response is needed and they can't wait too long as word of mouth is get any other GT game but GT7. It's a shame, fix the couple quirks in the handling and it offers a sublime driving experience. Fix the AI and you have an awesome racing game with very dynamic races. I'm addicted to doing endurance races on N24 with full day/night cycle and torrential rain storms coming through. But will have to mindlessly grind in case I want another GR.C car (when one shows up that is, got to wait for the legend dealership to put one up)

GT Sport is estimated at 8 million sales, but it has had many sales.
I bought the digital version a couple years ago for $20 not to have to put the disc in anymore.

This is one of the most agregious uses in microtransaxtions in a while for a full price game. Therefore it will be one of the best selling games at least best in the series. Such is the sorry state of our favorite form of entertainment.

I would go around 20m.

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GT7 wouldn't be a Polyphony Digital game without some serious fuck ups somewhere it's hilarious. The game had signs of a return to form but the PR disaster and sheer microtransaction greed ruined it.

I half-expect it to eventually exceed 10 million copies sold on consoles and PC combined, but it could have been 2-5 million more. Though I remain curious about the commercial effects from PC release and a full VR implementation.

Edit: I can see the negativity hurting revenue/profitability as opposed to copies sold, because Sony may try to remedy the problem through heavy and early discounts like they did with GT Sport.

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